Thursday, June 26, 2014


A lot of people express concern regarding the copyrights of their digital art, poetry, graphics, and even scans and photographs of their physical works.They are concerned that sharing there original works on Facebook pages and groups will ultimately get the works spread on the internet without any acknowledgment to them as the original creators. 

Your fears are right, it can happen, but there is a way to generate a digital trail and also enable copyrights on the works even if they are shared, you will gradually be able to establish yourself as the original creator on almost all of the work you share digitally by driving the fans and sharers back to your website/blog (See Step One below)

This is a short guide to help you protect yourselves and your art using the creative commons copyright for free.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Others don't hurt you becuase they want to

99% of the time people will hurt you UNINTENTIONALLY, some will rip your soul out "unintentionally", that doesn't mean that you should let em. To an extent those who unintentionally hurt you have had their intentions preoccupied. Sometimes intending not to hurt someone reduces the chances of you unintentionally hurting them because you are aware of your actions at a deeper level. Sometimes those who unintentionally hurt you often actually were not intending to avoid it either. Still not blame them, blame yourself, clear your expectations and then stick by them, all those that cant fit in your life will slide past, bang their heads and move on. Someone always comes along who fits. Whatever kind of people you are into, ,'they exist'. The world is full of weird ass people, you will find your kind of weird. Be yourself and let em know what you are.

Take others advice but follow your heart

Its not that most people are secretly trying to harm you, its just that most people who intend to do good for you don't actually know whats good for you. In trying to do you a favor most people will unknowingly cause harm. You yourself only ever know whats good for you and what your heart truly wants.