Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Salaat and Music

If you ask me what is the opposite of salaat then i will say Music. Just as salaat is when you immerse yourself into Allah, Music is immersing your self into else, Just as salaat keeps you away from evil and misdeeds, Music brings you closer. Just as salaat helps you understand the deen, Music makes you forget it..

Status, Personality and Character

Times have changed,,, In old times status mattered now a days personality matters.
In those days Prince Charming had to be a Prince.
Now a days Prince Charming has to be Charming
I am just waiting for the days when Character will matter, Instead of status or personality. Then i will be a prince in my own right.
-Shahryar Saqib

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cultural Exchange Scholarships Program 2013 NTS Test (Answer Key Out)

The Answer keys for Cultural Exchange Scholarships Program 2013 NTS Test are out.(The test held on 2nd december) You can view them here

Provisional Result has been announced at the following link

Please discuss your marks in the comments section to get us all a better idea for what is the over all situation looking for candidates.

I will keep editing this post to reflect the information i get from different sources.