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Make the Earth Green 2


In the previous part  I made a claim that Islam is the solution of all environment troubles. and I started explaining how it can help solve these problems.

I said the God created the Earth and he owns it. he put man as a Khalifah on Earth and gave him a mission.
Vicegerency and trusteeship place upon humankind the responsibility to safeguard the rights not only of his fellow humans but also of nature and other inhabitants of the earth. Man’s vicegerency on the earth is, moreover, complemented by that of servantship towards his creator. Man is God’s
servant and must obey Him.
Vicegerency contemplates a man-earth relationship that looks toward sustainable utilization of earth’s resources. Vicegerency is also premised in accountability and faithful observance of trust that demand the promotion of good and the prevention of evil, building the earth and establishing a just order therein. There are two principles that guarantee this big task: justice and the doing of good.

Trusteeship (Amanah)
The Qur’anic narrative on khilafah begins with God’s momentous decision to confer a great trust (amanah) on His creatures, the heavens, the earth, the mountains, the angels, and mankind - but they all declined to take it, only mankind did, due to his enormous potential for the good, yet also a certain audacity on his part. It was due to this combination of good and evil in man that when God offered the amanah to him, the angels protested saying “will you place on earth such as will spread corruption and shed blood, whereas it is we who extol your unbounded glory.” But the God chose
mankind for the task telling the angels “I know what you know not,” of the enormous potential for the good of the progeny of Adam. The Qur’an and hadith make amanah an integral part of the faith of a Muslim*.
*A Muslim is a person who submits to the God.

Building the Earth (I’mar)
Another feature of the trust of vicegerency, as already noted, is to build the earth and develop its resources.
The scope and potential of this assignment naturally varies in tandem with state of human progress and civilisational attainment. Building the earth for beneficial uses is an evolving concept which depends to some extent on the tools and know-how that may be available to particular individuals and communities. Some aspects of i’mar that are explicitly stated in the Qur'an and Hadith relate to the reclamation of barren land, planting of trees and growing of flora and fauna, fruits and vegetables therein...

Keeping the Balance
The Qur’an is expressive of the qualitative and quantitative balance God has ordained in the natural world revealing interdependence and connections between parts as well as relationships of the parts to the whole. All the produce of the earth is duely proportioned. not just in what is evident but as to their internal composition of nutrients, water, minerals, salts etc. God blessed the earth and made it safe such that you shall not see imperfection in the creation of the Most Merciful.

When man acts, instead of a trusted custodian and architect of the earth, as its most dangerous destroyer, driven by greed rather than need and becomes an extravagant and insatiable consumer. When the earth is made into a testing
field for deadly atomic bombs with immeasurable radioactive emissions, its fitrah (innate nature) is subjected to dangerous distortion.
When the natural purity of the earth’s produce is incessantly eroded by chemical infusions for commercial gain, and when dense carbon emission, traffic and industrial pollution poison the air that inflict harm on humans and other life forms, its God-ordained balance is disrupted. When the cattle and
grass eating animals are fed with animally-sourced protein until it is manifested in such problems as mad cow disease etc., and when genetically modified fruits overtake the natural variety for commercial gain, the God-ordained balance in them is no longer immune - this is nothing less than transgression and mischief.

To be continued, in sha'Allah [God willing]...

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