Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An APPEAL to all Knowledgeable Muslims regarding Fraudulent Hadith Collection and Quran

I have come across this website by a certain Frank O’Collins who also owns another website and on his first website he has narrated a collection of Hadith narrated by 'HIMSELF'.And a lot of hadith directly contradict the well known and Shahih Hadith of Shahihs which brings me to the conclusion that this hadith collection cannot be considered authentic Fraudulent Hadith Collection. Furthermore he claims he recieved revelations from Allah and that they didn't stop after Prophet Muhammad PBUH also he has made a Covenant and in his fake revelations he says that all true Muslims should follow it He also goes ahead and calls all other hadith collections and Islamic Law false and abolishes it,this website is very dangerous because its high on Google and,no one knows what is their original agenda is.Read more.....

He is calling his collection Shahih Muhammad (PBUH). This is his own introduction to his compilation
He has created a lot of hadith himself and deleted a lot of hadith from his own free will.

The collection was assembled by Frank O’Collins over three years who received a series of visions from Muhammad himself concerning its construction. For his role as the collector, he was bestowed the title (in his capacity as collector only) of al-Haqq which is an ancient meaning of his name. The collection was constructed by reviewing all Sunni, all Shi’a and all Sufi Hadith and being directed through prayer as to the truth of each stated claim.

Those Hadith not included from the collections of Sunni and Shi’a hadith were not considered reliable, and/or directly contradict the revelations of Allah.

His website has a good enough google page ranking and hence it is understandable that a lot of muslims searching for hadith end up at his website.

From what think from the website they are trying to make Islam similar to the Christian church,They have even made a covenant of Islam.
The Covenant of Islam

They have this page which is amazingly confusing, you can not understand what they are talkinga about
For example check this page where they explain the difference in THEIR Quran
Then they claim that their Quran is the only true Quran. Nothing makes sense at all.

Behold! There is only one true and final Qur’an in One Heaven.

8. This is the truth and any person who profess themselves to be a faithful Muslim let them deny it.
9. All other Qur’an, whether first, or second recited, whether old or new are but mere reflections of this perfect book.
10. Being said, Allah himself reveals to you a deep truth- The Most Sacred Qur’an of One Islam is the closest to that which is in One Heaven than any that have been.

Than on this page they talk against all the other hadith and that how it can not be true 

Ah, the Hadith- the sayings.
4. The collection of sayings of man claimed by men to be the sayings of a messenger of Allah.
5. That some mistakenly believe to be equal to the word of the Almighty!
6. Let me tell you then of a similar story- the story of the cross upon which Jesus was said to have been slain.
7. In years gone by, the wood claimed to be the “true cross” of Jesus was so great that a fleet of ships, or an entire village could have been made from the material.
8. How absurd then when men, in their desperation for greatness make claims upon which they know little.
9. The Hadith is to be respected as a matter of history.
10. But it is not to be regarded as equal to the word of Allah.
11. To think otherwise is to commit a grave error of judgment.
12. What is fiqh? What is this understanding?
13. While all communities must of themselves avail to common standards of law, what of the pursuit of seeking to regulate a person’s soul?
14. By Shari’ah certain acts may be deemed praiseworthy (mandūb), while other acts blameworthy (makrūh), but so twisted has these laws become that what is considered favourable to God is divorced from common sense.
15. Is a law then that makes evil legal and good illegal a just law or a bad law?

And here in point 16 he says that the revelations did not stop after Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him(Because he obviously wants to make his own revelations illegible)

15. Is a law then that makes evil legal and good illegal a just law or a bad law?

16. By whose authority did men suppose that divine revelation would cease at the death of the Prophet Muhammad?

17. By whose authority did men suppose to relegate women to mere cattle, or coat hangars for bedsheets?

18. Was it’s Muhammad’s desire?

19. Certainly it was not Allah

This is getting out of hand if you research the website thoroughly you will find many many  things that go against the basic pillars of Islam

And all of these so called "Truths" are written in a way to mimic the Quran's Translation because supposedly they are Revelation to him from Allah coming After Prophet (PBUH)

IN the following sentences he demolishes shariah and proclaims himself and his three websites as the new Holy message from ALLAH
23. Behold! Allah now holds you to account and gives you a prime law- That Shari’ah is finished.

24. Shari’ah is banished, forbidden to be followed in its corrupted form by any true believer of Islam.

25. Only the fools and the beguiled of evil shall still follow. For Allah has spoken.

26. “Outrageous”, the lawyers and judges of Shari’ah will claim.

27. They feebly call out "Allah would never banish laws they he Himself has ordained!"

28. So sure are they, these peacocks of Scripture that no argument can assail their pulpit.

29. All men are brave when drunk with their own self-importance.

30. Behold! Allah need not lower Himself to their level to blow their carefully crafted lies into dust- be but merely need to command it.

31. Let it so be- He, the Lord of the Universe has commanded it! Shari’ah is dead!

32. “But Lord, what of your people? How might they live by your word without law?”

33. By the gifts that have been bestowed upon you now.

34. Can you not see One Islam?

35. Are you blind to One Heaven and One Jerusalem?

36. Are the codes of law present as part of the Arabian Union not enough?

37. Enough! You ingrates, you puffed self importanced charlatans.

38. Plead for Mercy now and be saved from Allah’s anger towards your hateful ways and wicked weasel wording.

And notice how in his fake revelations Allah is speaking Naauzobillah
Yet in truth, the only blasphemy comes from those who seek to hold onto and grasp the pile of sickness and hate that has been cleansed from the true words of God.
12. Such heresy they say!

13. It is the word of Allah, they say!

14. How dare thee change that which is sacred, each word perfectly transcribed from the oral tradition of the Prophet himself!

15. Yes, indeed words have been changed.

16. Yes, indeed words of great hate have been exorcised.

17. The calls of cursing attributed to Allah are no more.

18. Are these the words you refer?

19. Yes, all are the words you so desire.

20. Curse, curse, curse.

21. Hate, blood filled hate,

22. Let us treat our women like dogs,

23. Let us murder with impunity

24. Let us live in our mud huts,

25. Let our leaders beguile us and treat us like mushrooms!

26. We love not the words untouched, but long for the hate, the curses so blasphemously removed.

27. Give us back our curses!

28. Let us believe that Allah curses that which he alone has made.

29. Let us believe in a twisted and hateful world, so that we may continue to do evil,

30. For without curses, without hate, without our pleasure of hell,

31. How might we hide our evil deeds?

This guy is writing his own revelations (Wahi) and calling it Quran. and now his is calling himself Imam Mehdi
Behold! If it is elected that you follow, then so you shall elect The Imam Mahdi of One Islam.
 And here is his claim to Mecca

5. The city of prayer to be a city for all the faithful of One Islam,

6. Not one nation,
About Imam Mehdi of One islam

6. That the faithful shall have a prophet on Earth to call their own, true to Your name and the name of Islam.

7. That he shall be one of us, elected by all of your faithful, anointed by You as our one true representative on Earth.

8. That he shall be called The Imam Mahdi and all true followers of Islam shall follow his direction.

9. That his direction shall be in the honor of your word, the word of the great prophets and your divine inspiration.

10. Praise be to Allah! For his Mercy knows no end.

11. The Imam Mahdi shall be the supreme earthly leader of Islam, its head of state and prime representative to the world.

12. Listen all who have ears, it is the Lord who speaks.

13. The Imam Mahdi shall have the authority of official spokesman for the word of Allah during their time of office and all faithful must obey his command.

About the new Covenant of One Islam

15. That it is to the judgment of each individual soul to make their choice.

16. That a new covenant has come that makes clear that wisdom and compassion shall now prevail.
Some more lines from that page

24. Bless us oh Lord

25. On this day

26. The faithful to your name.

27. That we honor your covenant

28. That we hear your word

29. The constitution of One Islam

30. For united we shall be

31. In praising your name

32. For there is only but One Islam.

33. Praise be to God

Please i request all of Muslims to research and take action against this Fake Islam.
More research Their new revelations Their Quran (Please i request any hafiz from my muslim brothers to verify what they have done to it) their covenant

The person behind it all Frank O’Collins

His websites that i know of (Collection of sacred texts and he refers to the Qur'an is Book of One Islam)

Please i am waiting for your cooperation in this regard and to try and understand what action can be taken against this fitna,I fear how many more people are trying to fool Muslims online.