Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Say NO to Countries

Countries are Imaginary

The only thing standing in the way of Human progress is NATIONALISM, as long as we keep dividing ourselves into countries we will never be free to embrace our combined humanity. There are millions of examples of atrocities committed in the name of countries.

What are countries anyway? Nothing but Imaginary borders!

Yet we go to such lengths to divide ourselves to stop the global human spirit to reach out to each other. Passports, Visa's and what-not.

We are all humans and nothing else when will we grow up from the thinking of " this is my side and that is your side"? when will we stop fighting over imaginary things? National Air space!!! National Waters!!! Is it so hard to see? is it so difficult to admit that countries are nothing, NOTHING!

We are are the SAME.

What do you think? Can we boycott countries? What can we do to rise above this pathetic thinking which is eating our race?