Friday, August 3, 2012

Optimism is the way of Islam

I often hear people saying that one should be clever and never trust too easily, But if you look closely then you will see that our whole society is getting paranoid and habitual negative thinkers;Examples like:" You trust too easily" "you think everyone is good" " You shouldn't help him, he is only fooling you" sound familiar? Have they forgotten the examples laid down by our beloved prophet?

Our prophet PBUH throughout his life showed us that we should never stop thinking positively ,we should never give up on people and we should never stop counting on the goodness of people. He didn't stop believing in the people of Taif. He didn't turn to negative thinking when he was in Quresh.

If you will always think of others apprehensively and with doubt then your heart will turn to stone and sooner then later you will be judging beggars and people who need your help. Don't let your heart turn to stone, don't lose that soft-heartedness, don't stop thinking of every stranger in good words. You are not fooling yourself you are just not letting go of your belief in humanity.

When you help someone and believe in their goodness you are just reinforcing your own capacity for love don't forget that by thinking of everyone in the negative terms only diminishes your own view of the world and capacity of being happy. Furthermore when you help someone only to make Allah happy then it doesn't make sense to judge them and think they are frauds, You are only helping them to make Allah happy and make your heart humble and to be thankful that he put you in a state where you can help someone.

If you love our prophet then shouldn't you also be following the values he demonstrated?