Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A few life lessons

A few interesting life lessons i learned over the years ( From my perspective )

  • Make fun of your best friends Because they know you dont mean it
  • Make friendly jokes around everyone else, Because most people don't like to laugh at jokes made at them.
  • Have enough courage to make jokes about yourself,Some will laugh at you,Some will laugh at the joke.Those that laugh at you will be the meanies, those who laugh at the joke are potential friends and you will know who is who soon enough.
  • Hide your compliments and criticisms in Jokes.
  • Life is weird, people do strange things,stranger things happen. It up to you if your find that funny or will always be eccentric.
  • Make jokes and say things that make you fun,Not Funny, Comedians are fun,Clowns are funny
  • Joke at the saddest most tragic things,and you will find them less so.
  • But most importantly never ever try to point out the sadness in things, people rather let them stay hidden.
  • Watch happy movies, Only morons love sad endings, avoid people who are addicted to sadness, infact slap them.
  • Concentrate on the good parts,life is too short to be concentrating on things that makes you unhappy.
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