Sunday, May 27, 2012

16 year old solves Newton's 350 year old mathematical problem

16 year old boy solves Mathematical problem posed by Newton
16 year old solves Mathematical problem posed by Newton more than 350 years ago

Shouryya Ray, 16 year old boy from Germany solves a 350 year old mathematical problem posed by Newton.
This boy from Dresden is being hailed as a genius for having solved a mathematical problem that baffled the mathematicians for more than three centuries. Shouryya Ray solved two fundamental particle dynamic theories which the scientists of today had not been able to solve without the help of powerful computers. It is reported that the implications of this teen’s solution mean that now scientists will be able to calculate the flight path of a thrown object and also predict how it will react after hitting another object such a wall.
Ray learned about this problem on a school trip to Dresden University, where he heard professors saying that the problem was unsolvable.
Ray explains “I just asked myself, ‘why not?',". The teenager just couldn't believe that there couldn't be a solution.
Ray started solving complicated equations when he was a six year old, but he refuses to accept that he might be a genius. He had moved from Calcutta to Germany 4 years ago, when engineer father got a job at a technical college. His father was noted saying that he taught his son calculus at the age of six.
Ray has already won a research award for his efforts and the German media labeled him a genius but in his modesty he wrote that off as “  Curiosity and Schoolboy Naivety”
Ray’s father Subhashis says “He never discussed his project with me before it was finished and the mathematics he used was far beyond my reach.” According to him his son’s mathematical prowess quickly outstripped his own.
Newton posed this problem which related to the movement of projectiles through air, in the 17th century, Up until now mathematicians had only been able to offer partial solutions.
But this wasn’t the only problem Ray solved, Ray has also solved the second problem that deals with the collision of a body with a wall, this problem was posed in 19th century. The solutions provided by Mr Ray are expected to provide ways to carry out more precise calculations in fields such as ballistics.
Details About the problem and Shouryya Ray’s Solution
According to the German Paper ‘Die Welt’, Ray has solved a differential equation that addresses a fundamental problem in Particle dynamics and may be used to predict the flight path of a ball bouncing off a wall.
The report further said that Ray had developed an analytical solution for the particle Dynamics problem that had until now been addressed through numerical solutions using computers that yielded results based on approximations.
Velayudhan A. Raghunathan, a physicist at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, who is not familiar with Shouryya’s work said about the german report”The report said that this is a mathematical achievement- an analytical solution is a complete and much more precise solution as compared to approximations.
Shouryya, the paper said, doesn’t think he’s a genius. He was weak in graph theory and had trouble even with problems for beginners. It said he’s “even worse” in the social sciences, and quoted him as saying: “In football, I would be bad even in India.”
But he worked for several months on the differential equation and came up with the solution after “many blind alleys”, the paper said. It added that Shouryya was still unclear whether to major in physics or in mathematics

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if his solution paves the way for better anti nuclear warhead technologies, better precision in targeting incoming neuclear missiles. Better yet if it enabled near 100% target achievement. This would reduce the threat of nuclear showdown somewhat wouldn’t?
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