Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trustworthiness your personality certificate

In this world your 'trustworthiness' is what separates you from all the Riff Raff.Your 'trustworthiness' makes you a valuable person and 'trustworthiness' keeps you out of unnecessary trouble.How trustworthy are you?
Learn to keep others secrets( the ones they tell you ), learn to keep your own secrets first ( as long as you can ).Understand the underlying social contracts make your own to be very strict, when you learn something from someone consider it confidential ( unless told otherwise ) an excuse that " You didn't tell me i wasn't supposed to tell this to anyone " is 'not' good enough, it proves you are not trustworthy and blaming it on 'not knowing' is not going to cut have to understand that even when someone talks to you they are 'sharing' information with you in confidentiality and you have no 'right' to tell anyone else.Keep this as a life rule, always follow it and you will see that everyone will 'love' you.
if you have any questions/additions/suggestions don't hesitate to comment, i 'will' reply.