Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little honesty goes no where, Absolute honesty is the policy

Everyone has heard that "Honesty is the best policy" but have you also heard "Little or Some Honesty" is no policy at all" ? Yes being honest is like an oath either you keep it at all times or you don't.
Let me explain "Honesty is the best policy", a policy is only valid if you keep it at all times if you tend to be lax in following a policy, lets say a policy of "no refunds" at a shop if not followed at all times will make the customers think its not a policy at all but is perhaps dependent on some other variables like a customer's personal relations with the shopkeeper.Just as a plaque at a shop saying "No Refunds" doesn't mean anything unless it is followed at 'all times' so likewise saying "i am honest" or being honest 9 out of 10 times doesn't mean anything.
So are you honest? or are you honest most of the times? try to say whats true at all times.Often the argument used by most 'mostly honest' people is that "its OK to lie to keep someone from getting hurt", is it? no its not OK to lie to someone to keep them from getting hurt,because you have no right to give someone false information or false understanding in the first place and what happens when they 'do' find out the truth not only do they get hurt but they get hurt more because 'you' also lied to them so you not only hurt them more but also lost your trustworthiness when you told a lie "to keep them from getting hurt".
Dear friends so it is indeed the best policy to be honest 'all' the time, its a policy to be kept no matter what the situation.Integrity doesn't come easy but it can be lost with only one lapse of judgment, with only one lie.Be honest be steadfast never ever lie and everyone will trust you everyone will know you are a person they can count on.

if you have any questions/additions/suggestions don't hesitate to comment, i 'will' reply.